Dusty Springfield – A Girl Called Dusty Album Review

I’d never really explored Dusty Springfield beyond the realms of ‘Son Of A Preacher Man’ and ‘I Only Want To Be With You’ until I downloaded A Girl Called Dusty a few weeks ago. Obviously I knew she was a leading lady in the Northern Soul movement, but I’d never really listened to her properly (despite being a great Northern Soul addict).

Recently, though, I embarked on the long walk home from the girl I’m seeing’s house to my own humble abode. The walk takes the best part of an hour, and in that time I managed to listen to the whole album. I’ve not stopped listening to it since. It’s not a revelation, but Springfield really made some bloody good soul music.

A few favourites are ‘Do Re Mi’, ‘Can I Get A Witness’ and ‘Summer Is Over’, the latter of which was a rather fitting song to accompany my stroll home on a freezing but very beautiful autumn afternoon. There are quite a few I don’t like on this album, of course, but all in all it’s a solid soul album, and frankly I’m a little ashamed I’d not heard it sooner.

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